New Way to Eliminate the Stress of Begging Dogs! Take Their Picture!

Funny Dog Pictures

First of all, I think Begging dogs have super powers!  Not only can they hear a refrigerator door open from across the house; but with one pitiful LOOK they can stamp guilt in your mind.  And that guilt leads to STRESS.  The funny thing at our house is that our lab, Cali, starts the LOOK with me, then when it doesn’t work, she moves to my wife.  Cali even has a different way to beg for each person in the house. With me, she lays on the ground and stares up at me. With my wife, it’s the head in the lap bit.  It’s VERY hard to ignore.

Still, we’re told the only way to defeat a begging dog is to ignore it.  But as indicated, it creates a stressful and unpleasant meal.  Eating while stressed is never good.  So why don’t you try what these dog parents did? Take their picture!  When you do so, instead of internalizing the guilt when they shoot you the perfect pair of puppy dog eyes, you’re focused instead on shooting the perfect picture!   Seems like a golden opportunity to capture a truly magnificent photograph of your best friend.

If you need proof of how awesome your pictures could be…then check out some of these funny dog pictures!

Begging Dogs

canine with his head on a sofa arm begging for food

Courtesy: riothedemon@instagram

Big Funny Husky begging

Source: sangria_archer@instagram

Funny dog picture of a dogs begging


Awesome husky standing on their hind legs begging

Source: rocktigerlilly@instagram

Two funny begging dogs

Courtesy: jacky.smith.14@instagram

Funny pooch begging

Source: ali_pop22@instagram

sad faced canine begging

Courtesy: kris507@instagram

two funny begging dogs asking for breakfast

Source: loki_the_chocolatelab@instagram

Awesome shepherd begging for some wine

Courtesy: sheppsadventures@instagram

black lab with their head on a cushion begging

Source: quailsarecute@instagram

awesome canine with wicked eyes begging

Courtesy: dusty_dog16@instagram

Obviously, with all things considered, these Begging Dogs sure could drive you crazy during dinner time! Ordinarily, it would take a very hungry person to resist these canines!  If you want more funny dog pictures of some beggars, then check out this post!

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