Meet some Australian Shepherds: Dog Pictures

Cool Dog Pictures

Australian Shepherds are some wicked-looking dogs!  Their coloring is amazing…as presented in the following dog pictures.  Australian Shepherds can have blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, or even mismatched eyes; and their coats present a medley of cool color schemes.  Each dog is truly a unique treasure.

Aussie sticking tongue outSource: hovetamivan@instagram

Australian Shepherd staring at the cameraSource: ni_emma_na@instagram

aussie with blue eyesSource: livin_like_lyra@instagram

Australian shepherd with blue eyes in the waterSource: meu.aussie@instagram

Australian shepherd two different color eyesSource: aussiebcpawss@instagram

Australian shepherd chilling out on the chairSource: nakarya_nurse@instagram

Australian shepherd black and white imageSource: babartheaustralianshepard@instagram

Australianshepherd puppySource: zofi_australian_shepherd@instagram


Australian shepherd sticking out tongueSource: modern_moonlight@instagram

cute and adorable Aussie puppySource: nemotheaussie@instagram

sweet aussie pup in the flowersSource: jacks.the.aussie@instagram

It’s hard not to want one of these Dogs.  Be careful though…because they are smart dogs.  They need a lot of exercise or they’ll get bored, and when they’re bored, WATCH OUT!