16 of the Funniest Dog Shaming Signs That Will Make you Laugh!

Dog Shaming Pictures

My gut reaction…this poor pink beaver was bought for the sole purpose of snapping this dog shaming pic.  Shameful, indeed!

Yellow Labrador Cali destroyed her pink beaver stuffed animal

Most Dog Shaming pictures contain two major components.  First, the hilariously repentant Dog Shaming Signs that explains your dog’s misdeed.  Second, the Dog offering his/her best expression of shame, guilt, or indifference.  Some Dog Shaming pictures go the extra mile…featuring evidence of the misdeed (however, that’s risky considering 35% of all the Dog Pictures refer to poop or pee).

Here at BarkingLaughs, we LOVE it all!  So, for the first time ever, we are going to present the 16 Funniest Dog Shaming Signs.  These signs are sure to produce a “What the….?” or a “How did that Happen?” reaction.

It took dog years to select the TOP 16 because there were so many great Dog Shaming Pictures in our archive.  But if you laugh as hard and often as we did in our search, you owe it to the star-studded shamed dog to share this post with your pack.

Funny Dog Shaming Signs

 I thought only teenage girls got excited at TJ Maxx.  Not so…and no comment on the panic that followed the poop.

pooch went to the bathroom at TJ Maxx crazy dog shaming signs

Source: the_three_little__pigs@instagram

I’m pretty sure my dog would skip the poop, and go right for the chicken.

dog shaming picture of pooch that eats chicken poo

Source: aec1978@instagram

Talk about passive aggressive.  Just picturing this scenario makes me laugh!

shaming a pooper

Source: sarahlitman@instagram

I think their smiles say it all!

Two funny dogs being shamed for doing the funky monkey and one ending up pregnant, funny dog shaming signs

Source: megandmccollum@instagram

I would have loved to see this shenanigan play out!

canine pees on a sandcastle

Source: douglasthefungus@instagram

I think this is a golden opportunity for a company to invent Dog-Ass-Wipe Rug Cleaner.

canine destroys carpet with butt!

Source: gunner.avery@instagram

This reminds me of my daughter (who suddenly develops a limp after messing up my computer).

Funny canine being shamed for being a ham

Source: dtaylor237@instagram

You’d think the dog would have stopped after the first bite…like I tried as a kid after being soaped, shamed, and then left to sulk.

pooch ate a bar of soap

Source: adventures_of_hurley@instagram

What in the world is nipple cream?

dog shaming picture of a funny dog shaming signs and of a Nipple cream eating pooch

Source: theofficialbuckley@instagram

This picture is so sweet.  The little dog was only trying to claim territory over the baby.

OMG! pooch pees on the baby!

Source: meeshachang@instagram

Pretty sure the sign should say, “Ate some grass I found in a plastic baggie.  Then, ate 22 granola bars.”

awesome canine ate 22 granola bars

Source: tiffer007@instagram

Hopefully, he waits until the panties are unoccupied.

Funny pooch is a self declared panty bandit

Source: candicej123@instagram

How do you roll in human poop?

Wet Black Labrador had to take a shower because they rolled around in human poop?

Source: luciashford@instagram

Major respect points to this guy!  You know your role!

Funny Dog Picture of a Husky that is claiming that he tried to east a cat at the Vet.

Source: jmsnpc@instagram

Hmmm…is this dog being shamed because he tried to eat a whole cantaloupe; or for only eating half of it?

Dog Shaming of a Big Canine mistakes a cantelope has a chew toy.

Source: rebersol@instagram

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